Banana bread with blue berries

Bananas and athletes go well together. Eating only bananas is only boring at last. Fortunately, this fruit is also ideal for baking. Today I share my favorite recipe for banana bread. Nice before or after a training and actually always suitable as a snack.


Cake tin


130 grams of spelled flour
100 grams self-raising flour
2 tablespoons baking powder
3 eggs
about 3 bananas
150 milliliters of greek yogurt
2 tablespoons (depending on how sweet you want the banana bread) agave syrup
half pack of blueberries (frozen)
80 grams of pecans


Grease a cake tin and preheat the oven to 160 degrees.
Mix all dry ingredients
Punch the bananas and add them together with all the wet ingredients
Stir the wet and dry ingredients together with a spatula
Add the blue blanches and nuts to the dough (make these nuts slightly smaller)
Put the dough into the greased cake tin and put it in the oven for about 60 minutes

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